be cruel to me cause i'm a fool for you

My manager called and was like, ‘“You got a nomination.” And I was like, “You’re making fun of me.” I didn’t know why he would call to prank me at this hour. I was like, “I won’t believe it until I see it in writing.” And then Taylor [Schilling] called me and told me congratulations, and for some reason I believed her. Then I called everyone back and said, “Now I’m buying it.” She wasn’t going to toy with me at that level. - Natasha Lyonne on hearing the news of her Emmy Nomination for her role as Nicky Nichols in Orange is the New Black.

Proof That Almost Every “Orange Is The New Black” Cast Member Has Been On Law And Order

Laverne Cox, Natasha Lyonne, Danielle Brooks, Laura Prepon and Uzo Aduba attends the 4th Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

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